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Below is the original Wikispaces wikitext specification, as seen previously on Wikispaces.

It is archived here for reference, which may be useful when looking at old Wikispaces revisions and trying to understand the wikitext markup.

Note that this wikitext format is NOT the same as MediaWiki's wikitext format.

Wikispaces Wikitext

Last Updated: May 06, 2015 12:35AM BST

Text Formatting

Bold **bold** bold
Italics //italics// italics
Underline __underline__ underline
Monospaced font {{monospace}} monospace
Headings =heading 1===heading 2=====heading 3===...etc.

heading 1

heading 2

heading 3

Bulleted lists * list 1** list 2*** list 3...etc.
  • list 1
    • list 2
      • list 3
Numbered lists # numbered 1## numbered 2### numbered 3...etc.
  1. numbered 1
    1. numbered 2
      1. numbered 3
Indenting > indent 1>> indent 2>>> indent 3...etc.
  • indent 1
    • indent 2
      • indent 3
Horizontal line ----
Right-to-left text

(to format languages that read right-to-left)

[[rtl]]זה עברית

...etc. [[rtl]]Note: [[rtl]] tags must

be on their own lines.

זה עברית


When you want to display characters that have other meanings in wikitext, you can escape the wikitext formatting by putting double backtick characters on either side of your text. The backtick shares a key with the tilde.
Escaping ``**escaping**`` **escaping**


Page link [[PageName]]
Labeled page link [[PageName|DisplayText]]
Link to page in another wiki [[WikiName:PageName]]
Labeled link to page in another wiki [[WikiName:PageName|DisplayText]]
URL http://some.url[[http://some.url]]
Labeled URL [[http://some.url|DisplayText]]
Labeled email [[|DisplayText]]


Anchors let you link to a particular part of a page.

Place an anchor [[#AnchorName]]
Link to an anchor [[PageName#AnchorName|DisplayText]]


Include an image

Include external image image:http://imagelocation.url [[image:]]
Include uploaded image image:imagename [[image:wikispaces-logo.png]]

Image attributes

Determine width of image width="pixel" [[image:wikispaces-logo.png width="80"]]
Determine height of image height="pixel" [[image:wikispaces-logo.png height="80"]]
Float the image to the left and wrap the text around it align="left" [[image:wikispaces-logo.png align="left"]]
Float the image to the right and wrap the text around it align="right" [[image:wikispaces-logo.png align="right"]]
Center the image in the middle of the page or table cell align="center" [[image:wikispaces-logo.png align="center"]]
Add a caption for the image caption="an image caption" [[image:wikispaces-logo.png caption="This is the Wikispaces logo"]]
Make the image a link to another page or URL link="page" [[image:wikispaces-logo.png link="home"]]
link="Wiki:PageName" [[image:wikispaces-logo.png link="help:home"]]
link="http://some.url" [[image:wikispaces-logo.png link=""]]


[[file:name.txt]]Just replace name.txt with the name of any file you have uploaded to your wiki.


Table || table cell || table cell || table cell ||
Table heading cell ||~ heading1 ||~ heading2 ||
Table cell alignment ||= centered ||> right ||
Table column spans (merging columns together) |||| spans 2 columns |||| col1 || col2 ||
Table row spans (merging rows together) || spans 2 rows || row 1 ||||^ || row 2 ||


[[code]]This is plaintext.[[code]]
This is plaintext.
[[code format="php"]]// hello worldecho "hello world";exit();[[code]]
// hello world
echo "hello world";

Note that both [[code]] tags must be on a line by themselves without leading spaces.

Supported languages

  • 4cs
  • abap
  • actionscript
  • actionscript3
  • ada
  • apache (Apache configuration files)
  • applescript
  • apt_sources
  • asm (x86 Assembler)
  • asp (Active Server Pages)
  • autoconf
  • autohotkey
  • autoit (AutoIt Window automation script)
  • avisynth
  • bash (Bourne Again Shell)
  • basic4gl
  • bb4w
  • bf (Brainf**k)
  • bibtext (BibTeX)
  • blitzbasic
  • boo
  • bnf (BNF: Backus-Naur form)
  • c
  • cfdg (Context-Free Design Grammar)
  • cfm (Coldfusion)
  • chaiscript
  • cil
  • clojure
  • cmake
  • cobol
  • cpp (C++)
  • cpp-qt (C++ (QT)
  • csharp (C#)
  • css (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • cuesheet
  • d (D programming language)
  • dcs
  • delphi (Delphi Object Pascal)
  • diff
  • div
  • dos
  • dot
  • ecmascript (ECMAScript)
  • eiffel
  • email (Email (mbox, eml, RFC format))
  • erlang
  • f#
  • fo (FO (abas-ERP))
  • fortran
  • freebasic
  • gambas
  • gdb
  • genero
  • genie
  • gettext
  • glsl (glSlang)
  • gml (Game Maker Language)
  • gnuplot
  • groovy
  • gwbasic
  • haskell
  • hicest (HicEst)
  • hq9plus (HQ9+)
  • html4strict
  • icon
  • idl (Uno IDL)
  • ini
  • inno (Inno Script Object Pascal)
  • intercal
  • io
  • j
  • java
  • java5 (Java programming language, version 5 syntax)
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • kixtart (KixTart)
  • klonec (Klone C)
  • klonecpp (Klone C++)
  • latex
  • lb (Liberty Basic)
  • linoleum
  • lisp
  • locobasic (Locomotive Basic)
  • logtalk
  • lolcode
  • lotusformulas (Lotus Notes @Formulas)
  • lotusscript (LotusScript)
  • lsl2
  • lscript (LScript)
  • lua
  • magicksf
  • make
  • mapbasic
  • matlab
  • mirc
  • mmix
  • modula2
  • modula3
  • m68k (Motorola 68000 Assembler)
  • mxml
  • mysql (MySQL-specific SQL)
  • newlisp
  • oberon2 (Oberon-2)
  • pf (OpenBSD Packet Filter)
  • oracle8 (Oracle-specific SQL)
  • oracle11 (Oracle 11i SQL)
  • ocaml (Objective Caml)
  • oxygene (Oxygene Delphi Prism)
  • oz
  • pascal
  • pcre
  • per
  • perl
  • perl6
  • php
  • pic16
  • pike
  • pixelbender
  • plsql (PL/SQL)
  • postgresql
  • povray
  • powerbuilder
  • powershell (posh)
  • progress
  • prolog
  • properties
  • providex (ProvideX)
  • purebasic (PureBasic)
  • python
  • q (q/kdb+)
  • qbasic
  • rsplus (R / S+)
  • rails
  • rebol
  • reg (Microsoft Registry)
  • robots (Robots.txt)
  • rpmspec (RPM Specification File)
  • ruby
  • sas
  • scala
  • scheme
  • scilab (SciLab)
  • sdlbasic
  • smalltalk
  • smarty (Smarty PHP template language)
  • sql
  • systemverilog
  • tcl
  • terraterm (Tera Term Maco)
  • text (No highlighting)
  • thinbasic
  • tsql (Transact-SQL)
  • typoscript
  • unicon (Unified Extended Dialect of Icon)
  • vala
  • verilog
  • vb (Visual Basic)
  • vbnet (Visual Basic .NET)
  • vhdl (VHSICADL, very high speed integrated circuit HDL)
  • vim (Vim Script)
  • visualfoxpro
  • visualprolog
  • whitespace
  • whois
  • winbatch (Windows Batch Scripting)
  • xbasic
  • xorg_conf ( configuration)
  • xml
  • z80 (ZiLOG Z80 Assembler)

References (Footnotes)

Add citation <ref> ...</ref> I am making a very important point, but it needs a reference.<ref>This is the reference to back up my point.</ref>

I am now pointing out something else, and referencing it.<ref>This is my second citation.</ref> **I'd like my references right here:**<references />----Look, text after my references section!

I am making a very important point, but it needs a reference.[1]

I am now pointing out something else, and referencing it.[2] I'd like my references right here:

  1. ^ This is the reference to back up my point.
  2. ^ This is my second citation.

Look, text after my references section!
Place references

(if you don't use this tag, references will appear at the bottom of the page)

<references />

RSS Feeds

[[rss url="http://source.url/feed"]]Replace http://source.url/feed with the URL of your RSS feed. By default, this will display the last ten updates as text links, but you can make the following modifications to how your feed will be displayed:

url full URL to the feed (required)
title title text to display above the feed (or blank for none)
number how many items to show, default 10
description to show each item's description text, either "true" or default "false"
date to show the item date after the title, either "true" or default "false"
author to show the author of the item after the title, either "true" or default "false"
length the number of characters to show in the description, max. 250
enclosure to show each item's media enclosures (audio, video, pictures), either "true" or default "false"


The variables below will let you place dynamic content in your pages. Since pages are sometimes cached after being created, some items, such as the number of pages in the wiki, may not be updated immediately.

Supported variables

Wiki name {$spacename}
Wiki text {$spacetext}
Wiki description {$spacedescription}
Page Count {$pagesinspace}
Servername (the hostname of the wiki) {$servername}
Server (the url for the main page of the wiki) {$server}
License {$licensename}
License URL {$licenseurl}
Member Count {$membersinspace}
Organizer Count {$organizersinspace}
Project Name {$project}
Team Name {$team}
Page Name {$page}
Revision count {$pagerevisions}
Full Page Name (alias for {$spacename}:{$page}) {$fullpagename}
Editor (Username of the user, or the IP address of the guest, who create this revision) {$revisioneditor}
Comment {$revisioncomment}
Revision ID {$revisionid}
Revision Dates
Date (In human readable format) {$revisiondate}
Day {$revisionday}
Day (with leading zero) {$revisionday2}
Month {$revisionmonth}
Year {$revisionyear}
Timestamp (In ISO 8601 Format) {$revisiontimestamp}
Creator(Username of the user, or the IP address of the guest, who created this page) {$creator}
Comment {$creationcomment}
Creation Page ID {$creationid}
Creation Dates
Date (In human readable format) {$creationdate}
Day {$creationday}
Day (with leading zero) {$creationday2}
Month {$creationmonth}
Year {$creationyear}
Timestamp (In ISO 8601 Format) {$creationtimestamp}
User Name {$username}

Variable modifiers

Modifiers are used to change the value of the variable into a different format. Modifiers are separated from the variable name with the pipe (|) character, and can be combined together — for example, {$pagename|ignoreinclude|url}.

Output modifiers
URL escaping |url {$server|url}
Scope modifiers
Ignore include

This modifier tells the variable to return the value of the original page it's on, even if that page is included in another page (see below).

|ignoreinclude {$page|ignoreinclude}

Javascript variables

While editing Pages, it is possible to include Javascript inside an Embedded Object. Several variables can be accessed from the client side to determine the current state of the application, as follows:

User/space definition variables
wikispaces_isUserLoggedIn boolean set if user has entered valid login information
wikispaces_username string set to current user's login handle
wikispaces_spaceName string set to current Space that user is viewing
URL construction variables
wikispaces_method string system - type of function being performed ( 'view', etc. )
wikispaces_object string system - type of object being viewed/modified ( 'message', etc. )
wikispaces_page string set to name of current wikipage
wikispaces_id string system - object identifier ( for messages )

Contents of Another Wiki Page

The entire contents of one page can be pasted into another with the [[include]] tag. This can be useful in breaking a large page up into smaller, more manageable pieces, or to create reusable components, like headers and footers. The only required attribute of the include tag is the page attribute.

Supported includes

Basic page include [[include page="PAGENAME"]]
Include page with section title [[include page="PAGENAME" title="Section Title"]]
Include page with direct edit button [[include page="PAGENAME" editable="true"]]
Include a list of pages [[include component="pageList"]]
Include a list of pages with a tag [[include component="pageList" tag="TAGNAME"]]
Include a tag cloud [[include component="tagCloud" ]]
Include a discussion page [[include page="PAGENAME" component="comments"]]
Include a list of links to this page [[include page="PAGENAME" component="backlinks"]]
Include page from another wiki [[include page="WIKINAME:PAGENAME"]]

Other Special Tags

Signature ~~~
Signature with date ~~~~

(supporting LaTeX math markup)

[[math]]\tilde{f}(\omega)=\int_{-\infty}^{\infty} f(t) e^{-i\omega t}\,dt[[math]](Note that the [[math]] tags must be on their own lines.)
Embedded media [[media ... ]]
Table of contents, flat [[toc|flat]]
Table of contents [[toc]]